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We deliver financial planning and investment solutions for our clients. We have four service propositions that allow you to choose what’s best for you. Ultimately, our approach is driven by your requirements.


Our clients typically want help with these things:






Our four service propositions.

Guided by your requirements

1. Holistic

Our Holistic proposition is designed for clients with complex affairs and limited free time. One of our Partners or Chartered Financial Planners will work with you to develop a financial plan covering every aspect of your life.

A team of professionals will then implement this plan for you. You will have scheduled forward planning meetings with the team and full access to them at all other times. It’s a dedicated finance department, for those that need it.

Typically best suited for high performing executives with  $1,000,000+


Our Bespoke proposition is the most popular route for many clients.

One of our qualified financial advisors will work with you to develop your financial plan and the team will implement it for you.

You receive regular forward planning meetings and unlimited access at all times.

Typically best suited for busy professionals with $500,000 – $1,000,000.


Our entry level proposition for those looking for professional help, advice, and oversight of their finances. 

You’ll meet one of our qualified financial advisors, receive a detailed report on targeted areas of your finances and gain access to a range of low-cost products.

An ongoing service helps you stay in control of your finances.

Typically best suited for those starting on their financial planning journey with a minimum of $250,000. 

4. Health Check

Our Health Check proposition is a “fee-only” financial planning service designed to give you clarity around your finances and confidence that you are on track to achieve your goals – perfect for those who prefer to manager their own wealth, or perhaps aren’t quite ready for full ongoing advice. 

First, we’ll conduct a comprehensive review and audit of your current financial arrangements, including cash flow modelling to map out your current financial trajectory. 

Following our analysis, we will then work with you to construct a formal Financial Plan to map out your ideal financial future. This will include our professional advice on how best to improve your financial arrangements to ensure they are fully aligned with your Financial Plan and goals for the future.

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