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Abacus Financial Consultants is a holistic financial planning firm, specialising in Lifestyle Financial Planning, Investment Planning and Retirement Planning


If you’re an expat living and working in the UAE and looking for help with your finances, you’ve found the right firm. We are a privately owned, independent firm of financial advisors, specialising in financial planning and investment. We help our clients to build, preserve and pass on their wealth over time.


You’re living and working in a low-tax, high-cost environment and you can’t really know how long for. We help people like you to balance today’s spending with your future financial requirements, helping you accumulate wealth and increase your options and your freedom at the same time.

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We take time to understand you and your family – who you are, what makes you tick and what your goals and plans are. We are then able to create a portfolio of investments for you and help you manage your wealth on the way to achieving your goals.


We’ve refined our service proposition over many years, guided by the needs of people like you. The scope of our work together, depends entirely on the complexity of your circumstances.

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We spend all our time working with clients and keeping our knowledge up to date. Our advisers regularly capture their experience and share key insights in our blog. Free to you and hopefully useful.

An Expat’s Guide to Moving to Dubai (UAE)

An Expat’s Guide to Moving to Dubai (UAE)

Dubai – and the UAE in general – is fast becoming one of the most popular expat destinations, with 240,000 Brits now calling Dubai home. Moving to Dubai as a British expat is an exciting time filled with new experiences and opportunities.

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Pension Planning for UK Expats

Pension Planning for UK Expats

Pensions play an important role in your long-term financial planning. In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricacies of pension planning for UK expats, exploring the challenges they might face and offering guidance on how to navigate them.

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Golf And Lifetime Financial Planning

Golf And Lifetime Financial Planning

In golf, a well-planned strategy and consistent practice are key to navigating your way successfully through the course and lowering your handicap. Many of the same principles apply to achieving long-term financial success and living the life you want.

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Here’s a sample of our most recent awards, many of which are repeat wins. Our biggest reward however, is that our clients stay with us over many years.

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Follow one of our clients as he navigates the highs and lows of expat life in Dubai, on his way to financial independence.