There’s no denying 2020 was a tough year. Many of us did not achieve the things we had hoped to, for obvious reasons. For the team here at Abacus, 2020 was always going to be a year to look inward, invest and build for the next decade. We are focused on growing our business, to help a greater number of people achieve their most important goals, while they live and work in the UAE.

Having completed the work we needed to undertake, we are now ready to expand our team and welcome experienced financial professionals and their clients, into the Abacus family. I call it a family, because we are all focussed on building long term relationships with our clients, rather than short term, transactional experiences. We deliver financial planning and investment management solutions, and our clients pay us ongoing fees to do so.

If you want to help your clients identify and invest in what counts for them in 2021 and beyond, get in touch with me for a chat about how we can work together.


By Con Lillis, CEO