Elements of your portfolio may be fine as they are

At Abacus, we don’t advocate reinventing the wheel. Once we’ve worked with you to develop your financial plan, we review your existing arrangements to see if they can be utilised to support your plans. We focus on flexibility, charges and risk adjusted past performance to ascertain ongoing suitability.

Of course, you may have concerns about existing arrangements and want us to review them as a starting point. While we are advocates for financial planning, we appreciate that there may be reasons why now is not the right time to undertake such an exercise. In this case we can undertake the review in isolation.

Typical concerns include the following:


You’re out of touch with the person that sold you the original product, either accidentally or deliberately.


A product provider has written directly to you, asking you to make a decision and you don’t fully understand the product, the options or the consequences.


You are concerned about excessive charges and/or poor investment performance.

The fundamental decision to save on a regular basis and/or invest capital, to make provision for your future lifestyle and goals is a sound one. You may have existing arrangements that are unsuitable, but you shouldn’t question the fundamental principles you were following in the first place.

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