321 Account

In 2017 we designed, developed and launched our own savings product for the offshore investment market.

We needed a better solution for our clients who saved regularly. One with less structure and a greater amount of the client’s money getting invested. The result is our 321 account, a simple savings plan with no fixed term, no surrender penalties or excessive charges.

No hidden fees or charges

No contractual term

A globally portable account you can take with you

No surrender penalties

Access to your capital at no cost

Access to an award winning discretionary investment service

The 321 account represents a new generation of offshore savings product. In October 2020, the UAE Insurance Authority confirmed a change in legislation (known as Bod 49) and we are delighted to see that we are both in line with this new regulation, and way ahead of it too.


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321 account

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Take a closer look and find out why the 321 Account is unlike any other regular investment or contractual savings plan commonly offered in the international market.